Please note that Perfect Pugs is a brand name trading under Woodlands Waihi Ltd.

  1. That if the Buyer has previously selected the Puppy from a litter or in any other circumstances, that the Puppy sold under this contract is the Puppy that the Buyer has previously selected.
  1. That the genetic health checks and health screening set out in the Puppy Information Pack have been carried out on the Puppy’s parents and explanation of what this means for the Puppy is provided in the Puppy Information Pack.
  1. That the Puppy is not the result of a mating of two dogs related within two generations.
  1. That the Puppy is in Good Health, other than as the Seller specifically informs the Buyer before the date of sale.
  1. That he/she has supplied the Puppy Information Pack prior to the Buyer viewing the Puppy or a reasonable period in advance of the Buyer‟s decision to buy the Puppy and has communicated to the Buyer within the Puppy Information Pack:
      • the possible consequences of buying the Puppy given the Dog Health Information, the genetic health checks and health screening carried out and the particular considerations that are likely to affect the Puppy given its breed;
      • the measures that should be taken, whether by neutering, contraception or otherwise, to guard against unwanted pregnancy; and
      • the Future Health and Welfare Needs of the Puppy.
  1. That the information contained in the Puppy Information Pack supplied to the Buyer is accurate and materially complete (to the best of the Seller‟s knowledge and belief where the information is supplied by a third party) and all diagnostic tests for the Puppy have been undertaken as recorded and that reasonable care and skill is and/or will be used when explaining to the Buyer the Future Health and Welfare Needs of the Puppy and any advice or recommendations provided.
  1. That, if he/she is has adhered to the New Zealand Animal Welfare Standards.
  1. That he/she, having made reasonable enquiries of the Buyer, in good faith believes that the Buyer is able to meet the Puppy‟s Future Health and Welfare Needs. Perfect Pugs reserves the right not to sell a puppy if they believe the buyer can meet these needs.
  1. That the Puppy is at least 8 weeks old at the date of sale.
  1. That the Puppy has received adequate care and that the Seller has provided it with the opportunity to socialise with dogs, humans and other animals it is likely to come into contact with and it has experienced and become accustomed to the sounds and experiences of typical family life.
  1. That any pedigree indicated for the Puppy is correct. Where appropriate, the Seller will provide the Buyer with all relevant registration papers and pedigree certificate within one month of the date of sale, or as soon as it is available.
  1. That he/she has read and understands the information provided to him/her in the Puppy Information Pack.
  1. That he/she in good faith believes that he/she will be able, and intends, to meet the Puppy’s FutureHealth and Welfare Needs.
  1. That neither he/she nor any member of his/her household has been cautioned for or convicted of any breach of animal welfare law such as neglect, cruelty or abandonment.
  1. That he/she will ensure the puppy is desexed at the appropriate age.
  1. That in the event that he/she is no longer able or willing to provide a home for the Puppy or otherwise to meet the Puppy’s Future Health and Welfare Needs he/she will contact the Seller and have regard to any advice and recommendations that the Seller provides, including return of the Puppy at the option of the Seller.
  1. That he/she is purchasing the Puppy for himself/herself and not as agent for a third party.

1. That the Puppy is a living creature with interests independent of both Buyer and Seller.

2. The Buyer is responsible for covering all future health care and veterinary costs for the Puppy.

3. The Buyer agrees to take the Puppy to their vet, soon after purchase, for a general health check and advice on vaccinations and worming.

4. The Buyer agrees to take the Puppy to their vet, at the appropriate age, to have the Puppy desexed.

5. The Buyer agrees that the Puppy is a pet only and not for breeding or showing.