Hello! I’m Cathy, one of the breeders at Perfect Pugs. For the past 20 years, we have bred pug and French bulldogs under our breeding name Cutumsang. We love the quirky personalities and adorable features of these two breeds. Each day they make us laugh and smile and bring happiness to our home.

It’s a pleasure raising pug puppies and French bulldog puppies in our home which is nestled in the countryside 20 minutes from Waihi Beach. Our puppies spend their first 8 weeks here, socialising and playing with each other and our breeding stock.

We take great pride in ensuring that our puppies are genetically sound by DNA testing their parents. If you have questions about our puppies and how they are bred, please feel free to contact us

Please note that Perfect Pugs is a brand name trading under Woodlands Waihi Ltd.